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We make sure to follow industry standards and expectations with our materials. We are using the best possible for this class of Customizable Pop Up Canopies.


- 600D Oxford Fabric

- Fully Customizable With your design requirements. You may submit your own artwork or hire an artist from our team.


- 40mm Hex Aluminum Frame

- 10ft x 15ft


- Deluxe full open zip roller bag


Our canopy frames are warehoused in New Jersey, California, and Canada. Depending on your location, shipping can take up to 3 days for the aluminum/ framing materials. After 4 to 5 days of production on the printed/ customizable materials, you can expect another 3-5 days until complete delivery.


Returns on our canopies are typically unnecessary. We are happy to replace our mistakes or factory defects.


When unboxing your materials, make sure not to use a box cutter. You can accidentally slice your fabric, and we cannot replace that for you. We will have to recreate the entire customized piece. Be sure to inspect everything carefully and make sure that all products satisfy your expectations.


When assembling your materials for the first time, it is always recommended to do so with some assistance. Together, you can keep your materials off the dirty ground and safe from damage.

1. Expand The Frame 50%: Partially open your frame by walking the legs out.

2. Attach The Top: Start by attaching the corners first. You want to make sure that the corners are perfectly square and fastened as far down the leg as possible. This will help keep your top looking professional and presentable.

3. Fasten The Center Support: At the peak of the canopy top (on the underside), there is a pocket sinch fastener that you will want to secure the frame. This can remain attached forever.

4. Expand The Frame: Using help from a friend, start by pushing the corners up into place at the same time on one side of the canopy. Avoid doing them one at a time or diagonally from each other. After all four corners are fastened into position, pull the canopy fabric down securely at the corners for the best presentation. Repeat this step when raising the legs. Avoid raising them one at a time or diagonally.

5. Square and plum: Make sure the canopy is perfectly square and the legs are plum (vertically level).

6. Final Steps: Now, you can secure the top to the frame with the velcro straps located at the center of the valances. Then, take notice of the fishing reel-style crank at the center point of the frame. Turn this clockwise until it is firm. If it snaps really loud, you've gone too far. Nothing is damaged don't worry, just make sure that you get used to the firmness for future use.


1. First Steps: First, remove the velcro straps from the frame valances. Take 5-10 counterclockwise turns out of the vertical support crank. Clean/ wipe down the canopy legs. More importantly, the bottom (male) pieces.

2. Lower The Canopy: Using a friend, make sure not to lower one leg at a time or two legs that are diagonal from each other, carefully and not forcefully, lower the canopy legs.

3. Collapse The Frame: Once the legs are completely retracted, press the corner fasteners to disengage. Once all four corners are released, you can close the canopy by pushing all four corners into the center.

4. Store In Bag: Now you can safely store your canopy in one of our full open zip roller bags.


Experience the FLEX Racing difference with our 10ft x 15ft Basic Package. This is more than just a canopy; it's your team's home base, a statement of your professionalism, and a testament to your brand's visual identity. Our canopy provides industry standard durability with unrivalled designs, offering a perfect blend of funtion and style. With your own personal touch of customized branding, you have not just shade and shelter but a showstopper that will tell your competition that you mean business. The earliest investment to professional pit space presentation- where quality meets performance, and style meets substance.


Our designs are hands down the best on the planet. Each canopy is designed from scratch with your needs in mind.


Once your designs are approved, your materials move into the production process. This takes four days, then it's out the door.


We know that our materials are the best priced out there. If you can find something cheaper and comparible, we may price match.


Find answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Can I order just a top?

Yes, you may order individual pieces of the canopy; tops, walls, frames, even spare parts. We cannot ensure perfect fit/ compatibility with other brands however. We will make sure our materials work with your needs prior to moving forward.

How do I send you my logos

Actually, we will ask for your logos when we are ready to receive them. We will always guide you through your project each step of the way.

Can I order the walls later?

Of course! You can purchase the walls whenever you are ready. Just be aware that we cannot honor the package deal discount that you receive when ordering everything at the same time. If you add the walls later, we will have to charge you separately.

How many logos or colors can we use?

As many as you wish. Our prices do not change based on your design.

How much will shipping cost?

This is a variable charge. Typically, 10ft x 15ft canopy packages ship for less than $100.

Is there a limit to the amount of revisions/ design changes?

Absolutely not. We will continue to work until you are satisfied.

What is your turnaround time?

Once designs are finalized, production takes less than 1 week. Usually 4 days to be exact. Shipping can take 3 to 5 days. Overall, from point of purchase, it is about a 2 week process.

Do I have to remove the top every time I take it down?

No, you can leave the top assembled to the frame.

Can I design the canopy myself?

Of course! You may download our design template from our template files. You can find the link at the bottom of the page, or you may contact us.

What is the best way to secure the canopy to the ground?

For dirt and grass, ground stakes work best. If using on asphalt, we recommend 5 gallon buckets of water. Buy a lid for the bucket so you may recycle the use of the weight and conserve the water. You can secure the buckets to the loops at the corners of the canopy top.

Do you have any warranties?

We stand behind our framing materials for life. If there are any defects not caused by improper use or acts of mother nature. Our fabrics are protected by 6 months, from manufacture defects. You may review our warranties section for more information.

How long do they last?

We are still using 6 year old frames. We estimate a solid 8-10 years with average use and frequent care. The lifetime of the printed fabrics will vary depending on the amount of sunlight, wind, rain, etc. Typically about 2 -3 years with average use.

Can the FLEX tag be removed?

Upon request and with a heavy heart yes, we can remove the tag.